Understanding Physiotherapy: How Is It Done and the Benefits of Bulk Billing


Prioritising our health and wellbeing has never been more crucial than it is in the fast-paced world of today. Physiotherapy stands out among the various options available for obtaining optimal health as a vital strategy that provides a number of advantages. This article aims to delve into the realm of physiotherapy, answering the question “how is physiotherapy done?” while shedding light on the advantages of bulk billing physio services. As we explore this topic, we’ll also focus on the quality services offered by Wynnum Physio, available at frontierphysio.com.

The Process of Physiotherapy

Understanding how physiotherapy is done involves recognizing the steps that constitute a typical session. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment conducted by a trained physiotherapist. During this assessment, the therapist evaluates your condition, medical history, and specific needs. This information is crucial for designing a tailored treatment plan that addresses your unique requirements. Once the assessment is complete, the physiotherapist implements a variety of techniques and exercises to improve your mobility, strength, and functionality.

Physiotherapy Techniques and Methods

Each technique and approach used in physiotherapy has been carefully selected to meet a range of ailments and personal objectives. Manual therapy, a hands-on approach that involves expert manipulation of muscles, joints, and soft tissues, is one of the methods frequently used. By applying precise pressure and mobilization techniques, physiotherapists can alleviate pain, enhance joint mobility, and promote improved overall function.

Physiotherapy at Wynnum

Therapeutic exercises form another essential pillar of physiotherapy. These exercises are meticulously designed to address specific muscle weaknesses, imbalances, or limitations in mobility. Through guided exercises and movements, patients gradually build strength, improve flexibility, and regain control over their range of motion. By enhancing muscle function and joint stability, these exercises play a vital role in restoring physical health and preventing future injuries.


bulk billing physio wynnum

Advanced methods like electrotherapy and ultrasound are used by qualified physiotherapists in addition to manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to target certain areas of concern. Utilising electrical currents to stimulate muscles, treat pain, and accelerate tissue recovery is known as electrotherapy. Contrarily, ultrasound therapy uses high-frequency sound waves to reach deep tissues and relieve pain while accelerating the body’s natural healing process. These specialised methods are carefully chosen depending on each patient’s particular requirements, resulting in a comprehensive and successful physiotherapy programme.

By expertly integrating these techniques, physiotherapists at Wynnum Physio provide a holistic approach to addressing various conditions and injuries. The versatility of these methods allows for individualized treatment plans that cater to the nuances of each patient’s situation, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and a better quality of life.

Customized Treatment Plans

Focusing on individually tailored treatment regimens is one of the characteristics of good physical therapy. In physiotherapy, a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. Instead, experts like those at Wynnum Physio know that every person has different demands.

physio wynnum

As a result of this understanding, individualised treatment plans are created that take into consideration your unique condition as well as your preferences and objectives. As progress is tracked over time, these plans change to keep the therapy efficient and tailored to your needs.

Introduction to Bulk Billing

Bulk billing, a term often associated with healthcare services, offers significant advantages to individuals seeking physiotherapy. In essence, bulk billing physio involves direct billing to Medicare, reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for patients. This financial relief allows patients to access high-quality physiotherapy services without the stress of financial constraints. Find out more information about bulk billing physio from this article.

Advantages of Bulk Billing in Physiotherapy

The advantages of opting for bulk billing physio are noteworthy. Choosing this payment option translates to reduced financial burden, making physiotherapy services more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

Bulk billing physio
Image taken from: https://www.choice.com.au


It makes sure that people’s financial limitations don’t prevent them from obtaining necessary treatment, enabling them to concentrate completely on their health and rehabilitation.

Availability and affordability

Beyond financial benefits, bulk billing physio offers availability and affordability. Patients can seek physiotherapy services without the worry of upfront costs, ensuring that necessary treatments are not delayed. This streamlined billing process simplifies the entire healthcare experience, allowing individuals to focus on their well-being rather than administrative intricacies.

Personalized Care and Optimal Health

The intersection of personalized care and bulk billing is where optimal health truly shines. Physiotherapy, as practiced at Wynnum Physio, emphasizes the importance of tailored treatments to cater to individual needs. The inclusion of bulk billing in this equation ensures that personalized care remains accessible to all, irrespective of financial considerations.


In conclusion, understanding how physiotherapy is done provides valuable insights into the multifaceted process that leads to improved health and well-being. Combining this understanding with the benefits of bulk billing physio at Wynnum Physio amplifies the advantages of seeking these services. By embracing a personalized approach to care and taking advantage of bulk billing options, individuals can embark on a journey towards optimal health, guided by the expertise and quality services provided by Wynnum Physio.

Discover the Path to Healing: Premium Physiotherapy Services in Wynnum at Silky Oaks Medical


Giving our health and welfare top priority has never been more crucial than it is in the fast-paced world of today. To fully benefit from physiotherapy, tailored attention is required. At Silky Oaks Medical in Wynnum, we appreciate the need to tailor therapies to meet particular needs and goals. In this post, we’ll examine the methods that underlie our customised approach to physical therapy and show off Silky Oaks Medical‘s excellent service and expertise.

The Importance of Personalized Care in Physiotherapy

Unfortunately, physiotherapy does not have a one-size-fits-all methodology. Each person is unique, with their own set of afflictions, physical issues, and goals. We at Silky Oaks Medical are committed to provide individualised care that considers these unique characteristics. By appreciating the value of individualised care, we can make sure that our patients get the best possible care that is catered to their individual needs.

Meet the Experts at Silky Oaks Medical

Our group of exceptionally talented and knowledgeable physiotherapists is something we are proud of at Silky Oaks Medical. Our staff members have received in-depth training and have a solid grasp of the various physiotherapy approaches. With their knowledge, they can precisely analyse and diagnose certain illnesses, creating individualised treatment regimens that take care of the primary causes of pain or damage.

Unveiling Secrets of Personalized Care

Our approach to offering customised care entails a number of essential elements. Prior to anything else, we carry out a thorough evaluation to completely comprehend the unique needs and objectives of each of our patients. We can create personalised treatment regimens that concentrate on certain problem areas thanks to this assessment. We make sure that each treatment plan is customised to the specific requirements of the individual by taking into account aspects like medical history, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Physio Wynnum
Female Physiotherapist working examining treating injured arm of male patient, stretching and exercise.

The key to our great treatment at Silky Oaks Medical is our dedication to knowing and satisfying the particular needs of each patient. We take pride in our personalised approach to physical therapy. Let’s look deeper into the salient features that characterise our strategy for providing personalised care, to give you the finest care possible, we employ a variety of specific methods and modalities. Individualised Methods and Modalities. We customise the treatment strategies depending on your condition and response in order to get the greatest outcomes. These strategies may include manual therapy, joint mobilisation, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, and more.
To ensure maximum efficacy, our physiotherapists will regularly evaluate your progress and modify the course of therapy as necessary.

The Benefits of Personalized Physiotherapy

Numerous advantages come with choosing individualised physical treatment at Silky Oaks Medical. Patients can heal more quickly and get better results by having therapies that are particularly created for their ailments. The customised method also enables improved mobility, more functioning, and more effective pain management. We provide our patients with the tools they need via individualised treatment to take back control of their health and well-being, promoting a sense of confidence and empowerment.

  1. Targeted Therapy: Individualised physical therapy aims to treat the underlying causes of pain or damage. Our highly qualified physiotherapists at Silky Oaks Medical identify the precise areas of concern through a thorough evaluation and provide personalised treatment regimens. This focused strategy makes sure that every therapy session has a goal and is productive, maximising the chance for healing.
Physiotherapy at Wynnum
Physical therapist giving legs massage to young man at rehab center. Physio massaging man’s legs.

2. Effective pain management: Pain can negatively affect everyday activities and one’s quality of life. The focus of personalised physical therapy is on comprehending each person’s particular pain experience. Our physiotherapists can successfully manage and relieve pain by using specialised methods, exercises, and modalities by determining the underlying causes of the suffering. The end outcome is improved pain management and general well-being.

3. Personalised physical therapy can help you regain and improve your mobility and functionality whether you’re recuperating from an injury, controlling a chronic illness, or seeking preventative treatment. Our physiotherapists at Silky Oaks Medical collaborate with you to increase range of motion, flexibility, and strength via focused exercises, manual treatment methods, and gradual rehabilitation. This enables you to reclaim your freedom and take part in activities that make your life enjoyable and fulfilling.

Physio Wynnum

4. Individualised Guidance and Support: Physiotherapy that is tailored to the patient goes beyond simple physical therapy. Our caring staff at Silky Oaks Medical is aware that successful recovery depends on receiving emotional support and direction. We take the time to hear your worries, respond to your enquiries, and educate you on your condition. We promote a sense of empowerment, confidence, and active engagement in your recovery path by arming you with knowledge and immersing you in your own treatment.

5. Long-Term Health and Prevention: The advantages of personalised physical therapy go beyond short-term healing. Our physiotherapists work to improve your condition’s long-term health and avert further injuries or consequences by treating the underlying causes of your problem. We provide you with the skills and information you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through individualised exercise programmes, dietary changes, and instruction on injury prevention measures.

Silky Oaks Medical
Physiotherapist examining treating injured back o male patient, doing the rehabilitation therapy pain at silky oaks medical.

We at Silky Oaks Medical have personally observed the benefits of tailored physical therapy on the lives of our patients. Both their physical health and overall quality of life have seen noticeable adjustments. Due to our commitment to providing customised care, you will receive the consideration, information, and support you need on your path to maximum health and well-being.

Don’t wait any longer to benefit from Silky Oaks Medical‘s superior customised physiotherapy in Wynnum. Make an appointment with our helpful staff right away to start living a better, more energetic life.

Patient Success Stories

We at Silky Oaks Medical have seen incredible success stories as a consequence of our personalised treatment strategy. Patients’ situations have significantly improved, from chronic pain treatment to post-injury rehabilitation. We hope that by sharing these experiences, we can motivate others and demonstrate the beneficial effects of individualised physiotherapy on general well-being.

How to Get Started at Silky Oaks Medical

It’s easy to get started at Silky Oaks Medical if you’re prepared to benefit from customised physical treatment. During your first visit, we will take the time to completely understand your goals and needs in order to develop a treatment plan for you. Contact us to set up an appointment.


At Silky Oaks Medical, we think that individualised treatment is the secret to maximising the benefits of physical therapy. We make sure that our patients receive the best care possible by customising therapies to match their unique requirements and goals. For our patients in Wynnum, we strive to deliver a transformational experience via the use of our qualified team of physiotherapists and a thorough approach to examination and therapy. At Silky Oaks Medical, receive individualised care and move on with your quest for ideal health and well-being.

Experience Personalized Care: Unveiling the Secrets of Physiotherapy in Wynnum at Silky Oaks Medical


Physiotherapy is an essential element of medical care that aims to improve and restore physical well-being. Silky Oaks Medical, a leader in individualised care and provider of excellent physiotherapy services, is located in the quiet Wynnum suburb. Silky Oaks Medical is committed to offering patients individualised treatment regimens created to match their specific needs. The organisation employs a group of people with exceptional skills. This article examines the inner workings of physiotherapy at Silky Oaks Medical in Wynnum and considers how individualised care may improve your health and well-being.

Understanding the Importance of Personalized Care in Physiotherapy

Effective physiotherapy centres on individualised care. Each person has unique requirements and objectives, necessitating a therapy strategy that is catered to them. The staff at Silky Oaks Medical is aware of how important it is to take these clients’ unique needs into account.

Physio Wynnum
Physiotherapist examinating Asian lady at Wynnum

They obtain a deep grasp of each patient’s condition through rigorous examinations and in-depth conversations, enabling them to create tailored treatment regimens that have the best chance of success.

Meet the Experts at Silky Oaks Medical

The Silky Oaks Medical team is made up of highly qualified physiotherapists. These specialists are qualified to handle a wide range of illnesses and wounds. Thanks to their extensive hands-on expertise, they remain abreast of the most recent advancements in physiotherapy methods and procedures. By selecting Silky Oaks Medical, you have access to a team of experts that are committed to your health and are well-versed in Wynnum physiotherapy.

Unveiling the Secrets of Personalized Care

Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis

The goal of Silky Oaks Medical is to identify the underlying reasons for your ailment through a thorough examination and diagnosis procedure. Their physiotherapists learn important details about your medical background, way of life, and particular issues through in-depth conversations and physical tests. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees a thorough comprehension of your particular situation, resulting in more successful treatment outcomes.

Designing Personalized Treatment Plans

Following the examination, the Silky Oaks Medical team creates individualised treatment regimens that are catered to your unique needs.

Silky Oaks Medical Physio
Physio excercise

These programmes include a variety of approaches, activities, and modalities that are supported by research. The physiotherapists at Silky Oaks Medical have the knowledge to create a strategy that accelerates your rehabilitation, whether you need manual treatments, exercise regimens, or specialised interventions.

The Benefits of Personalized Physiotherapy

Improved outcomes and faster recovery You can have better treatment outcomes and quicker recovery times with individualised physical therapy. The personalised approach guarantees that your unique demands are met, facilitating a faster recovery process. Personalised physical therapy speeds your recovery by concentrating on the underlying reasons of your illness, enabling you to restore function and resume your regular activities with confidence.

Effective Pain Management and Enhanced Mobility

Silky Oaks Medical is aware of how pain might affect your day-to-day activities. Their professionals use individualised physiotherapy as a way to successfully treat pain and increase mobility. Personalised treatment can help relieve pain, restore joint and muscle function, and improve your general mobility by focusing on the root causes of your suffering.

Increased Functionality and Overall Well-being

At Silky Oaks Medical, personalised physical therapy is intended to improve your entire functionality and well-being. The therapies offered seek to enhance not only your physical skills but also your mental and emotional well-being by treating the underlying causes of your problem.

The physiotherapists at Silky Oaks Medical collaborate with you to improve and regain your functional skills through focused exercises, manual treatments, and specialised methods. Regardless matter whether you are recovering from an accident, controlling a chronic illness, or seeking preventative care, the individualised approach ensures that your specific goals and needs are taken into account throughout the treatment process.

Physiotherapy Silky Oaks Medical
Female Physiotherapist working examining treating injured arm of male patient, stretching and exercise.

As you follow your individualised therapy plan, your balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and all of your other talents will improve.

Additionally, customised physical treatment might benefit your mental and emotional health. Your attitude and mood may suffer as a result of dealing with pain, restricted movement, or functional restrictions. Silky Oaks Medical seeks to reduce your physical suffering and enhance your mental condition by treating these difficulties via individualised care. You could notice an improvement in your general happiness and well-being as you restore your functionality and get pain relief.

Silky Oaks Medical‘s all-encompassing strategy guarantees that your individualised physiotherapy adventure continues outside of the clinic. The exercises, self-management techniques, and counselling that physiotherapists provide can help you improve your daily activities. This promotes long-term sustainability and continuous development even after your planned physiotherapy treatments are finished by giving you the tools to actively take charge of your own health and well-being.

Physiotherapy Wynnum
A physiotherapist is treating a patient’s knee

In conclusion, Silky Oaks Medical‘s personalised physiotherapy offers a complex strategy for enhancing your functionality and general well-being. Your specific needs, goals, and concerns are taken into account as physiotherapists create tailored treatment plans that result in excellent outcomes. By increasing your functionality, controlling your pain, and enhancing your sense of well-being, personalised care enables you to live an active and full life.

Bulk Billing Physio in Wynnum: The Smart Choice for Your Health

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, it can be challenging to find the right physiotherapy service that suits your needs and budget. Luckily, bulk billing physiotherapy is available in Wynnum, making it the smart choice for your health. Here are the reasons why you should consider bulk billing physio in Wynnum:

Prevent Financial Burden

One of the main objectives of on-site physical therapy for industrial workers is to prevent accidents at work. Due to the nature of their profession, industrial employees sometimes face a higher risk of workplace injuries. Heavy lifting, repeated motions, uncomfortable postures, and dealing with dangerous chemicals can all result in these injuries.

Industrial employees may obtain prompt care for any injuries or strains they may have by having a physiotherapist on site. The physiotherapist can collaborate with companies to find possible workplace dangers and suggest measures to lower the likelihood of accidents. This may entail modifying workstations, offering suitable lifting apparatus, and putting safety procedures into place. You can find out more on how to apply for Medicare bulk billing through this article.

Additionally, onsite physical therapy may instruct staff members on how to maintain good posture and prevent typical workplace accidents. This can include ergonomics, warm-up activities, and stretching methods. Employers may assist in lowering the frequency of workplace injuries and the related expenses, such as workers’ compensation claims and lost productivity, by teaching employees on how to prevent accidents.

Timely Access to Care

Along with the ease of on-site physiotherapy, the availability of bulk billing physiotherapy services can further enhance industrial workers’ access to care in Manly West.Many workers might be reluctant to seek treatment because they are worried about the cost of physiotherapy, but with the help of bulk billing services, they could be able to get high-quality care without having to pay out of pocket. People who might not have access to private health insurance or who might not have a lot of money should pay particular attention to this.

All community members will be able to access and get inexpensive physiotherapy treatments through Physio Wynnum. With the help of our bulk billing physio services, we can make sure that our patients get the treatment they require without having to worry about the cost. Our skilled physiotherapists collaborate closely with industrial employees to create individualised treatment regimens that cater to their particular requirements and assist them in returning to work as soon and safely as possible.

We are able to provide industrial employees in Manly West prompt and efficient care that can help avoid occupational injuries, lessen pain and suffering, and enhance overall quality of life by integrating onsite physiotherapy with bulk billing services. Don’t hesitate to call Physio Wynnum to learn more about our wide selection of services if you or someone you know is an industrial worker in need of physiotherapy services.

Qualified and Experienced Physiotherapists

When you choose onsite physiotherapy in Wynnum, you’ll have access to licenced, experienced physiotherapists who can deliver high-quality service. This is crucial when it comes to bulk billing for physical therapy since you want to make sure you are receiving the greatest care without having to worry about the expense. Our team of physiotherapists at Frontier Physiotherapy has years of experience dealing with industrial employees and is qualified to evaluate, identify, and treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses. They employ evidence-based procedures to make sure that every treatment plan is customised to the needs of the patient, which promotes greater results and a faster rate of recovery.

To assist them to deliver the best care possible, our physiotherapists also remain current on the most recent innovations in the field and have access to cutting-edge tools and technology. When you choose Wynnum’s onsite physiotherapy, you can relax knowing that you’re getting the best treatment for your injury or condition.

Improved Recovery Outcome

Choosing bulk billing physiotherapy in Wynnum will help you heal more quickly. Physiotherapy can enhance healing, lessen pain and discomfort, and stop injuries from repeating. You can regain your mobility and functionality with the appropriate care and direction from your physical therapist. Book a session today with our professional physio therapist!


In summary, Wynnum bulk billing physiotherapy is a wise choice for your health. It offers consumers looking for physiotherapy treatments an affordable solution. Furthermore, Wynnum’s bulk billing physiotherapy assures prompt access to care, highly trained physiotherapists, and better recovery results. Don’t let a lack of money keep you from getting the care you require. Choose Wynnum bulk billing physiotherapy to begin your journey to pain-free living.

Say Goodbye to High Costs: Bulk Billing Physiotherapy in Wynnum

Need physical therapy but worried about the cost? Look no further than bulk billing physical therapy services at Wynnum. We understand that medical costs can be burdensome, especially when you are recovering from an injury or managing a chronic illness. offers consolidated billing for physiotherapy services.

What is Bulk Billing?

Bulk billing is a billing option that allows Medicare to pay a patient’s medical expenses directly. This means patients do not have to pay out-of-pocket for medical services, including physiotherapy. Our clinic offers bulk billing for physiotherapy services, making it easy for patients to access the care they need. You can find out how to apply for bulk billing physiotherapy from this article.

Benefits of Bulk Billing Physiotherapy

Bulk billing physical therapy is a service that can assist individuals suffering from physical illnesses, injuries, and other health problems. When considering this type of service, it is important to understand the benefits that come with it. One of the main benefits of lump sum physical therapy billing at Wynnum is the financial relief it can provide. Patients no longer have to worry about the financial burden of treatment and can focus on recovery.

Person receiving physiotherapy treatment through bulk billing services.

Patients can also benefit directly from Medicare payments by choosing bulk billing physiotherapy services. This means patients don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket or waiting for advance payments or refunds. This is especially helpful for Wynnum people with low incomes or limited financial resources. By providing affordable healthcare options, physical therapy bulk billing ensures patients have access to the care they need, regardless of their ability to pay. These are what you can expect for your first bulk billing physiotherapy session.

Wynnum Physiotherapist servicing a client

Another advantage of bulk billing physiotherapy with Wynnum is convenience. Patients can receive world-class care and treatment without out-of-pocket costs for services. This is especially beneficial for those with busy schedules or mobility issues, as it can be difficult to attend appointments and process financial transactions in person.

Physiotherapy in Wynnum

Our clinic offers a wide range of physiotherapy services to help you manage pain, recover from injury, or improve your overall health and well-being. Our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists use evidence-based techniques and treatment plans to create a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs and goals.

physio in wynnum

Whether you’re looking to recover from a sports injury, treat chronic pain, or improve your overall physical health, our team of physiotherapists can help. We offer a wide range of services including manual therapy, exercise prescriptions and electrotherapy.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

At our clinic, we are committed to providing the highest quality medical care to our patients. We understand that each patient is unique, so we take the time to listen to your concerns and create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals. increase.

client having a bulk billing physiotherapy session

In addition to bulk billing physiotherapy services, we offer massage therapy, acupuncture, and various other services to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. We also have a team of experienced and friendly staff dedicated to making your experience with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


Wynnum bulk billing physiotherapy is a service that offers many benefits to its patients. By reducing the financial burden, providing direct Medicare payments, and providing convenience and safety, patients can focus on recovery and improving their overall health and well-being.

bulk billing physiotherapy session held in wynnum

Don’t let high medical costs keep you from getting the necessary care. We offer bulk billing physiotherapy services in Wynnum, so you can focus on recovery without worrying about fees. Contact us today to make an appointment and take the first step towards optimal health and well-being.

A brief history of silky oaks medical, try it today!

Physiotherapy provides services to maintain, develop, and restore full functional mobility and capacity at all ages. It deals with identifying and increasing the possibilities of motion in areas of rehabilitation, treatment, and prevention of physical health.


Physiotherapy is performed and supervised by a specialist. This therapy is not only about prescribing some activities, medicaments, or massages. It involves interaction between the physical therapist, the patient or client, and the family.


physio wynnum


We can group the Physiotherapist’s process into three main stadiums: assessment, treatment, and post-treatment. The process begins with assessing the health issue and dedication to the proper diagnosis. Then the physiotherapist prescribes health methods that will be applied to the patient: massages, exercises, electric stimulation to the wounded body part, joint replacement, etc. The final step is the rehabilitation (post-treatment) process. It begins after the finalizing of the previous step. It usually consists of recommendations given to the patient, which the patient should follow in the future.


This article will teach you some valuable tips about physio  Wynnum. You will also learn about Silky Oaks Medical as supreme physio Wynnum health service provider. Go ahead and find out how and where to ask for physio Wynnum’s help.


Physiotherapy In Wynnum


Physio Wynnum area can boast with several clinics that provide physio services. They are spread over several locations throughout Wynnum. It’s on you to do online research and find the exact locations.


In case you are not sure yet about the benefits of visiting physio Wynnum therapy. We are here to help you discover how it can benefit you.


physiotherapy wynnum


Physio Wynnum clinics offer different packages according to your needs. You have to contact some physio Wynnum clinic by phone, e-mail, or direct visit to the clinic. State your reason for coming. Your physio Wynnum therapist will listen to you carefully. However, each body’s conditions are unique and require a particular approach from the physio Wynnum specialist. Further treatment will be based on an accurate diagnosis. That’s why it is important to be honest with your physio Wunnum therapist and give him all relevant information about the issue.


It is worth noting that several physio Wynnum clinics provide Medicare insurance for employees. Take advantage of this unique possibility to get some discounts. Follow this link to learn more about this practice.


Silky Oaks Medical’s Beginnings


Silky Oaks Medical service was first mentioned in 1985 when Silky Oaks Children’s Haven founded the hospital. Later, Doctor Paul Mercer bought the medical practice from Silky Oaks Children’s Haven.


Matthew and Sara Mercer acquired the family business by purchasing the hospital and continued the family tradition in 2017. They have resumed growing and raising the success of the Silky Oaks Medical hospital until the present moment. An incredible 137 years of existence are being completed this year.


Throughout this period, Silky Oaks Medical faced a hard challenge to justify its existence by providing the most modern health services. However, the trust their patients have has been never questioned. One hundred thirty-seven years of existence is proof of quality, expertise, and satisfied patients and many reviews and 5 stars attest to that.


silky oaks medical


The incredible history of the hospital is only proof of the quality it has been providing for years. The centuries-old tradition is proof of perseverance, quality, and longevity. The trust the hospital built with the patients has constantly developed and will develop in the future. Hospitals with as much experience as Silky Oaks Medical are scarce. However, age is just a statistical number. Much more important are the positive experiences of patients who have passed through the corridors of Silky Oaks Medical Treatment.


Silky Oaks Medical has continued to invest in innovative methods to improve the future of health. Now, Silky Oaks Medical numbers count over 70 GP-trained Registrars and highly educated and patient-oriented staff. They have developed as a primary health service founded on Hippocratic medicine. On top of that, they have a long-term experience with proven results in providing health services and are constantly improving their skills through various seminars and participating in several health associations throughout Australia.


Silky Oaks Medical hospital operates with empathy by investigating, planning, and promoting human flourishing and patient dignity.


In the text below we will give you some helpful information about Silky Oaks Medical center. These instructions will help you learn where and how to use Silky Oaks Medical’s services. Additional information about payment options and health service prices is also available.



Silky Oaks Medical office located in the Manly West.


The primary one is housed on the Silky Oaks Campus next to Manly West State School. The address is 218 Manly Road, Manly West. The clinic is open from Monday to Friday 7 AM to 6 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. The clinic doesn’t provide services on Sundays and holidays. Additionally, you can do consultations with some physicians outside of working hours.



You can get in touch with the Silky Oaks Medical clinic in several ways. Here is the contact information:


  • Phone: 07 3396 9855
  • Fax: 07 3009 0032
  • For any emergency outside of working hours, call: 134 100
  • Send an email from the official website
  • Make a direct appointment through the website


silky oaks medical wynnum
Image taken from: silkyoaksmedical.com



Available health services at Silky Oaks Medical


There is a wide range that Silky Oaks Medical clinic provides for clients. The extensive span of specialists, including male and female doctors, can provide care in many areas, including:


  • SKIN




If some of the services you need aren’t mentioned on the list feel free to call Silky Oaks Medical and speak directly with the representative who will direct you to the right specialist for a consultation.


Physiotherapy at Silky Oaks Medical


Physio Wynnum’s service at Silky Oaks Medical stands out with a skilled and friendly staff. The highly educated team of doctors is always at the disposal of the patients. Silky Oaks Medical offers physio examination services for adults and children with the physical treatment of neck and spine pain, hip and knee pain, injuries, improper posture, torticollis, foot deformities, etc.


Physiotherapy at Silky Oaks Medical covers a wide range of areas:


  • Wide range of sports Injuries
  • Strength and conditioning profile
  • Joint assessment
  • Team-based rehabilitation with Physio specialists around significant injuries
  • Metabolic and Hormone Profiles
  • Sprains – wrist, ankle

silky oaks medical practice


The skilled physio Wynnum specialists in Silky Oaks Medical approach each injury and each patient individually.


Whatever the cause of pain or discomfort, what you need to know is to seek professional help. Never suffer and ignore pain. Make an early appointment for a physiotherapy service at Silky Oaks Medical and take advantage of possible discounts. Don’t skimp on health.


Why Physiotherapy Is Important?


Physiotherapy is a crucial step in improving movement and living a pain-free life. Without physio Wynnum therapy, you risk improper healing and damage over a long time, which can only lead to complications, and you don’t want that. So react in time and seek help if an injury occurs. In addition to not ignoring the pain, you should recognize the recommendations of your physical therapist. If the doctor advises you to do exercises at home during the day, do not skip them. It is in your best interest to get well as soon as possible.


Physiotherapy is more than a healthy activity for restoring, maintaining, and developing the patient’s mobility, functions, and well-being. It is a way of life, and you must adhere to it properly.


silky oaks physio wynnum


Several branches of medicine use physio due to the benefits and comprehensive approach. It is not only rehabilitation after surgery or injury but much more than that. Many physio Wynnums’ methods are applied in the rest of medicine, like cardiology, neurology, or sports medicine.


Plenty of strengthening, muscle care, and endurance exercises can prevent numerous physical problems. Physiotherapy helps us prevent and treat such conditions and preserve our health. If injuries or other issues occur, physiotherapists help with treatment by applying various methods and techniques, exercises and education.


It is worth noting that physio Wynnum therapy can benefit people of all ages.


Final Thoughts


You have concluded that you need а physio Wynnum service to prevent any possible deterioration and improve your quality of life. Do not waste your time and risk worsening your health condition. Make physio Wynnum therapy become part of your life.


Silky Oaks Medical treatment instills trust as one of the most significant health traditions in the Manly West. Their longevity and endorsement, linked with their high experience in medicine, and state-of-the-art apparatus, place the clinic on the throne of medical services in the physio Wynnum area.

Picking the Right Onsite Physio. Physio Wynnum is here to assist.

An onsite physio therapist provides promotion and maintenance of the best physical health and well-being for workers, regardless of the environments in which work tasks are performed. Various characteristics are to be considered when picking the best onsite physio therapist. This article will help to understand what makes a good onsite physio therapist and explore all qualities the first-rate onsite physio therapist has to own.


Every management who takes care of the workers must do something to protect them. Various dangerous situations and risks that are stalking the workspace practically impose the need to engage with a specialist who can propose measures to improve working conditions, suggest safe performing of work duties, and intervene in situations where an injury occurs.


onsite physio


Onsite physio therapists’ primary focus is improving the working conditions, mostly through education, but in some cases with a direct approach to the injured worker through immobilization, massage, joint replacement, etc. They are specialists in proper body movement, helping injured workers overcome joint dysfunction and muscle resulting from tears, disability, and accidents.


All the above reasons are enough for you to engage with a quality onsite physio therapist in your company and leave the care about the safety performance of the work to those who are professionals in that field. And not only that, but you will enhance the workers’ self-confidence.


The primary aim of this article is to critically examine how much onsite physio therapists are important for a healthy workforce. In addition to the text, find out how to get a quality onsite physio therapist and which qualities they should have.


How Do I Pick The Right Onsite Physio For My Company?

A quality and professional onsite physio therapist has to be an inevitable part of every company that takes care of the worker’s health and safety. Not only does his role strengthen the confidence of the workers in the firm, but he also plays an important role in boosting the reputation of your business.


As well as possessing all required skills, a successful onsite physio therapist has to have an engaging manner, a dedication to professional improvement, and a workers-centered focus to provide the best outcomes for the company. His interests must be only worker conditions, researching about improving them, and education about proper performance of the duties.


onsite physiotherapy


Successful and dedicated onsite physio therapists encourage workers to ask for any kind of advice related to work-related dangers and injuries. He is always open to cooperation and gives suggestions if he deems them necessary. When it comes to working duties and explaining how to do them properly, the workers have someone they can rely on.


Proper education, exchange of experience, and the constant monitoring of new flows are critical for a healthy workspace. Onsite physio therapy doesn’t just deal with the injuries, but it enters the root cause. An onsite physio therapist must investigate the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms – which are likely to return if not identified and properly solved.


Let’s find out the 3 main features that distinguish every quality onsite physio therapist. If you find all these specifications in one person, you are on the right path, so do not hesitate to contact him and speak about a potential engagement.

1.   Reliable And Accurate


Onsite physio therapists must be distinguished by reliability and accuracy. He is someone to whom you have entrusted an important role in your business. That’s why he should own these two features.


physio wynnum


Your workers need to trust him. The onsite physio therapist must have insight into workers’ health history to avoid any possible risks in performing some tasks from a certain worker. That’s why the trust between the onsite physio therapist and the workers must be at the highest level.


The accuracy is also a high feature of a quality onsite physio therapist. He must often visit your workplace and monitor whether working duties are being performed correctly. He has to do it timely, accurately, and without delay. He must be immediate with the workforce and be present in the workspace, often near the workers. That way he will be able to react immediately, if necessary. In some cases, when an injury occurs, he must be accurate in determining the injury.


2.   Knows How To Solve Your Issues


Your onsite physio therapist must be very well educated and be ready to solve any obstacle occurred during the working process. He must approach the issue adequately and respectively, depending on the nature of the problem.


If workers perform their duties predominantly in a sitting position, your onsite physio therapist must educate the workers on proper sitting, posture, and moving as often as possible. If it is about working in front of a computer, education should be supplemented about the correct distance of the monitor from the eyes.


If it is about working with dangerous substances, onsite physio therapists must know how to educate the workers about safely performing their duties, avoiding any possibilities to endanger their health. He must promote the importance of wearing protective equipment.




Working with dangerous machinery also requires education about proper handling. The onsite physio therapist must be also educated to recognize any potential risks and give proper education in terms of operating those machines.


Despite proper education about the safe performance of work duties, your onsite physio therapist must be able to know how to solve the issues, when they occur. If some of your workers get hurt, he is the first to intervene. And not only about the approach of the initial injury, but the onsite physio therapist is included in the whole rehabilitation process until the workers return to the work.

3.   Professionals With Tradition


Every quality onsite physio therapist must possess professional behavior. That means that he has to have appropriate knowledge and skills, be aware of his limits, be honest, and be dedicated to furthering his knowledge. He must keep himself up-to-date with the newest trends.


The workers’ needs are put first, so he is in constant relations with specialists that deal with the injured worker. He proposes alternatives to help the worker and his current pain status. He always maintains a professional distance from his patients, approaches confidentiality, and treats every case wholeheartedly.


Wynnum physiotherapy


Ongoing professional development plays an important role for any onsite physio therapist to stay at a high level of his work. Constant improvement through professional seminars and membership in professional bodies also helps in upgrading professionalism. Only an experienced and proven therapist creates a tradition of success through his past work.

How Can Onsite Physio Wynnum Help?


Safe works are usually taken for granted in Wynnum, but they can be a convenient solution for unwanted accidents related to the work. Different types of machines and poorly ventilated factories contribute to an increased number of worker injuries all across the Wynnum area. Additionally, bad working conditions led to dissatisfaction among workers. That way, most managers have to do something to overcome this problem.  This is where the onsite physio Wynnum can help.


There are several specialized locations for workers’ health in the Wynnum area. They offer different corporate packages for your company depending on the size of the company, the total number of workers, special needs, etc. If you are interested to find out which health institutions provide onsite physio Wynnum service, do online research and check what types of packages they offer.




Each business is unique and requires an adjusted approach which onsite physio Wynnum clinics will be happy to discuss. They also give informative seminars and worksite assessments for companies that are focused on improving the health and  safety of their workforce.


What Should I Do Next?


You were able to learn about the meaning of onsite physio therapy for the business. As you have seen above in the text, It brings a lot of benefits to the operation of the companies. If you have realized how significant it could be for your corporate activities, right now is your turn to investigate which onsite physio Wynnum offices can be applicable for you.


The protection of your work must be a top priority if you strive to have a successful business. Consider the options available to you and choose the most affordable onsite physio Wynnum option.


Physiotherapy onsite at Wynnum


Onsite physio Wynnum service can have a big importance in reducing the injury rate among the workers. The well-educated onsite physio therapists act mostly preventively and contribute towards sustaining the working process with a minimum amount of injuries as possible. Every injured worker entails slowing down the production chain, so no one employer can be happy about that. Therefore, onsite physio Wynnum can help. Effective support to workers is important in building an image of a successful business story.


One more useful thing you should keep in mind is that some onsite physio Wynnum clinics provide Medicare insurance for the workers. Take advantage of this unbeatable offer and get three in one. Improve the quality of work performed by employees, invest in protecting their health, and at the same time avoid paying high costs for treating employees in case of injury.

Final Thoughts

For all those who want a well-protected and productive workforce, the onsite physio Wynnum clinics might be a solution. The success of a company is measured by the productivity of its workers. That’s enough cause to invest in their health. The wider degree of danger the job entails, the higher need of engaging an onsite physio Wynnum service for your business.


Silky Oaks Medical Treatment is so famous, but why?

Silky Oaks Medical Treatment dates back to 1985 when the clinic was originally founded by Silky Oaks Children’s Haven. The purpose of establishing it was to provide services to families in the local community. The foundation of the current hospital began when Michael started providing care to patients in Manly West.


At this moment, the practice can boast of over 70 GP-trained Registrars and highly valued skilled staff that will not compromise on what is important. Silky Oaks Medical has never stopped to invest in innovation to raise the future of health. The result is quality primary health services founded on Hippocratic medicine.


Silky Oaks Medical
Image taken from: http://aussietreecare.com.au


Silky Oaks Medical clinic works with compassion through partnership and planning that promotes human flourishing and dignity for the patients.


This article focuses on showing you why Silky Oaks Medical Treatment is so famous and why it should be your first choice when it comes to primary healthcare.


Location and Contact


Silky Oaks Medical clinic has two representative offices in the Manly West area.


The main one is located in Wynnum at 218 Manly Road Manly West, QLD, 4179 Australia, housed on the ground floor of the Main office building Silky Oaks Campus, next to Manly West State School. The clinic is in service for Wynnum citizens from Monday to Friday (8:30 am – 5 pm, excluding Thursday). The clinic is closed on Sundays and public holidays. Additionally, consultations with some doctors can be done outside of working hours.


Silky Oaks Treatment

Below is the contact information through which you can contact the hospital and make your appointment:

You could book a Silky Oaks Medical Treatment by making an appointment via this page.


Billing Information


Silky Oaks Medical has a mixed billing policy.


Be aware that only Medicare-covered patients can apply for rebates.


Bulk Billing as a second payment option is available for veterans, retirees, Health Care cardholders (issued by Centrelink), and children under 16 years during working hours. The bulk billing service operates from Monday to Friday (excluding Thursday) from 8:30 am to 5 pm.


Silky Oaks Treatment


Silky Oaks Medical has a fair cancellation policy. The clinic will charge a fee for appointments from your account if you don’t attend or you cancel less than 2 hours before the nominated time. All patients will receive reminder SMS messages and calls to confirm long appointments.


Here is an additional list of services and costs at Silky Oaks Medical that might be useful for you:

  • Drug/Alcohol Testing
  • Audiometry
  • ECG
  • Spirometry


How To Book


Make your appointment in two ways according to your will. Choose between:




Silky Oaks Medical practice provides plenty of services to its clients. Here are the most used services in the clinic:


  • General health and wellbeing. The service is available: onsite in the clinic, over the phone, or at home. This service includes: ECG, ABIs, spirometry, iron infusions, and ultrasound.


  • This service is available everywhere in Australia. It has begun due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but it’s available to date. Only patients that have physically visited the practice at least one time can use this service.


  • Men’s health. Experienced male and female GPs, skilled in men’s health provide the following services: injury assessment and diagnosis, relationship breakdown, porn or sex addiction, stress, depression, cancer prevention, and erectile dysfunction.


Manly West Physiotherapy

  • Women’s health. Highly educated female and male GPs provide services in this field of medicine. The service includes: menopause, labor / C section assistance, cervical smears, antenatal shared care with Mater Hospital, confirmation of pregnancy, breast checks, hormone checks, and issues, STI checks and treatment, Mirena and IUD insertion.


  • Hearing problems. The service includes: audiometry assessments, ear infections, and aches, ear syringing with a suction device, diagnosis, and referrals to ENT.


  • Children’s health. Skilled and experienced doctors in children’s health as well as development and promotion of the parent’s role in children’s growth. Some of the services provided are infant health assessment, disability assessments, problems with ears, and childhood vaccination.


Physiotherapy Services


The most recognizable sequence provided by Silky Oaks Medical in the Manly West area is physio Wynnum service. When we talk about success and consistency in work, we are talking about physio Wynnum practice in Silky Oaks Medical practice. They can boast of the most perfect physiotherapy services, all satisfied clients confirm that. The clinic stands out with a high degree of expertise in physiotherapy highly upright in front of other physio Wynnum clinics in the area.


Michael is in charge of all kinds of sports injuries applying a highly sophisticated approach to treatment. He is a skilled and friendly specialist who owns a Certificate in Sports Medicine.


Physio Wynnum

If you do sports activities you could rely on physio Wynnum treatment provided by Michael on his days of consultations: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. There are plenty of benefits for your physical condition from having a reliable partner when it comes to physio Wynnum service nearby your living space. Not only for treating some issues that emerged during sports activities, but you could use this service preventively. Physiotherapy is a broad term that includes a larger set of methods applied by physiotherapists. Find out how physiotherapy is done and more about this medical service, here in the link.


Michael is a full-time senior physiotherapist with more than 10 years of experience in physio Wynnum medicine. Look at the following individual services that belong to the group of physio Wynnum treatment in Silky Oaks Medical treatment:


–  Sports injuries

–   Hormone profiles

–   Metabolic profiles

–   Joint assessments

–   Ankle and wrist sprains

–   Strengthening of muscles and

–   Conditioning profiles


Final Thoughts


As one of the leading practices in the manly west precinct, Silky Oaks Medical treatment is a health institution that instils confidence. Professionalism and experience in medicine, state-of-the-art apparatus, specialty, and the ability of the expert staff place the hospital on the pedestal of medical services in the Manly West area.

5 Secrets About Onsite Physio That Nobody Will Tell You.

Safe and healthy jobs are often taken for granted in Australia but a factory floor is a relatively convenient place for accidents and unwanted injuries. Dangerous machines and poorly ventilated factories, once commonplace, have paved the way for an increasing number of worker’s injuries all across Australia. Additionally, poor work conditions contributed to moral disorder between workers. Therefore, lots of managers were forced to do something to overcome this issue.  This is where the onsite physio therapists rushed to help.


Occupational health and safety is an area of public health that studies trends in diseases and injuries in the working population and proposes and implements strategies and regulations to prevent them. Plenty of workers are exposed to environmental health hazards that can cause problems and reflect on the worker’s health for a very long time.


Our work environment not only provides a source of income and social protection but also exposes us to different types of pains and injury risks. That is why a healthy workforce is a key component of our lives. Protecting and promoting health in the workplace is of the utmost importance all across Australia. That’s the reason why so many managers have started to engage health professionals to improve the health condition of the workforce.





Manual handling, repetitive overuse, and working in fixed postures are the biggest causes of muscle and skeletal injuries. All of them are on the rise in the industry in recent years. The basic assumption is that muscles and joint injuries at work can not be avoided; they are considered the “cost of doing business”.


Why Choose Onsite Physio?


There are 3 main words regarding the working process that all employees and their employers must adhere to: ‘safe’, ‘safe’, and ‘safe’. There is nothing more important than health.


Onsite physiotherapy as a branch of physiotherapy brings plenty of benefits. It helps in better treatment of worker’s injuries, improves the risk management process, proposes a better, and safer working environment, and even acts preventively on reducing chances of injury at work.


Onsite physiotherapy is some kind of umbrella that protects the workforce from injuries and provides a better coping mechanism if they ever occur. Additionally, it has a huge impact on the entire working process. Workers’ health and well-being are of great importance to every industry. Onsite physio enables a happier working environment with a final goal – more successful performance of work and higher outcome. A healthy workforce must play a leading role to boost the productivity of work. Therefore, onsite physiotherapy helps in achieving that purpose.


Onsite physio Wynnum services allow workers to seek appropriate advice regarding injury issues and allow early access to expert advice. They also help in speeding up recovery. With regular feedback from an onsite physio expert who knows your workspace and the required duties, you can be confident that the injured worker is in safe hands. You also avoid placing other workers at any additional risk of injury in the workplace.


See more detailed information about onsite physiotherapy here.


onsite physio


5 Secrets Of Onsite Physio


Taking care of safety and health at work is an inevitable puzzle toward the ‘good reputation’ of your business. You are not sure about the positive staff onsite physio will bring to you? Let’s see the best advantages of having an onsite physio professional in your business.


1.   It Will Save You Money


Millions of people are exposed to environmental health hazards that can cause problems for a long time. Workers’ compensation reached staggering amounts in insurance payments. This does not even take into account the loss of wages and other indirect costs, such as reduced productivity and the psychological wave of taking care or rehabilitating someone with an injury.


Onsite physio can be beneficial for the company from an economic aspect and Investments in them bring two groups of financial benefits: increased productivity and avoided costs.


Early detection of some potential issues at the workplace will protect workers from injuries and consequently will contribute to avoiding unnecessary costs due to accidents and reducing treatment costs. It also assists in decreasing compensation claims of injured workers and lowers the insurance premium that a company is required to pay for worker’s insurance. These savings can be redirected later on further improvements to workers’ health and fitness. Bearing in mind all of the above we may conclude that onsite physiotherapy should be an inevitable link in the active working process.




2.   Happier Workplace


Employees around the world have rated workplace safety as one of the most important aspects of the work environment. Safe working conditions make employees feel more satisfied in the workplace and that leads to increased productivity. A satisfied workforce is a basic recipe for more productive working engagement and increased employee commitment to his duties.


Poor worker morale comes from many factors like high injury rates, workers’ feeling that management does not care enough, poor work conditions, etc. All of these issues can be solved by investment in workers’ health. All successful and dedicated managers know that only a happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce.


You should make the workplace a happy environment where your employees can feel comfortable and safe. Do only a small step to achieve the goal. Find out which physio Wynnum services are the most affordable for your business and engage one of them.


physio wynnum


3.   Good Reputation


Each employer is trying to build an image of a good reputation manager. It helps to be more appreciated by the workers. One of the main ways to gain a good reputation is to be more healthcare-oriented toward your workforce.


Having a sustainable healthcare policy at your business is one of the main causes to build an image of a good and reputable manager. A positive manager’s reputation on the other hand contributes to being successfully linked with the employees. The work process is complex and success depends on several things. It’s like a train where the locomotive is the manager and the wagons are employees. The only strong locomotive can push the rest of the machine towards achieving the purpose.


That’s why plenty of experts advise that creating an image of a manager with a good reputation who cares about his workforce is crucial in raising morale among workers and productivity as well.


The professionals at physio Wynnum know this secret and that is why they help managers hold up to their good reputation.



4.   Taking Care Of Mental Health


Stress has become an unavoidable part of everyday life, while it is especially present in the workplace, regardless of the type of job or occupation. Understandably, the work environment, business challenges, and everything we encounter in professional life affect the mental health of every employee. Mental health in the workplace and care for employees have become one of the fundamental values of modern business whose development contributes to motivated and satisfied employees, which also results in meeting the business goals of the entire organization.


physio manly west


Good mental health means a sense of well-being, self-confidence, and self-esteem. During the working process, it allows workers to fully enjoy and respect their colleagues, assigned duties, and the workspace. If your employees spot that you are involved in improving their work conditions you will surely see positive feedback, like a boomerang. There is nothing more valuable than a happy worker, from a manager’s point of view.


Stable mental health also leads to a more dedicated approach to work and easier coping with work responsibilities. Workers’ psychological conditions may be underestimated in many businesses all across the world. But the truth is a little bit different. Workers are living beings and their mental health plays a big role during the work. They are not machines that you can operate. That is why there are Physio Wynnum professionals whose responsibility is to improve and manage workers’ mental health.



5.   Fewer Injuries At Work


Some jobs, especially in the industry and construction areas can be the background for an increased worker’s injury rate. Especially those that include dangerous machines as part of the workflow.  When an injury occurs, it is unpleasant not only for the employee who received it but also for the employer, whose legal duty includes ensuring safe working conditions. This applies both to companies from the production cycle and to those whose activities are limited to the office.


Onsite physio Wynnum service plays an important role to reduce the injury rate at the business. It acts preventively and helps managers to sustain the working process condition with as few injuries as possible among the workers. Each injury entails slowing down the process, even stopping for a time, so no one manager doesn’t wish for this kind of issue.



Therefore, onsite physiotherapy can contribute to better coping with these issues. Effective support to injured workers is important in building an image for a business that takes care of workers’ well-being and their safety. The majority of researchers say that timely, supportive, and appropriate rehabilitation will improve pain, functionality, and quality of life amongst workers. With injury rehabilitation provided at work, businesses use the benefits of not only quicker return to work but so much more in upbringing safety culture.


Final Thoughts


You have just discovered a part of the secrets onsite physio has. Find out some of the physio Wynnum offices that provide onsite service. Once you include this noble tool in the workflow, you will spot the benefits in a short term.