Corporate Health (Occupational Health)

As specialists in workplace health, Frontier Physiotherapy has a broad background not only in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, but also in specific workplace health issues including ergonomics, load management, return to work programs and workplace health and fitness programs. 

By translating this knowledge to the tasks being performed and the environment in which people work, an Occupational Physiotherapist helps to maintain an employee’s good health whilst at work and facilitate a smooth return to work in the event of an injury.

Whilst Occupational Physiotherapists are concerned with the health of individuals, they also work closely with your organisation to achieve the best outcome for the entire team and business as a whole. Our clinical knowledge and judgement take into account clinical, psychosocial and economic impacts of injury and sickness absences from the workplace for the individual and organisation

Corporate Health Packages

Arrangements which range from a no cost referral relationship to providing regular onsite physiotherapy services. Each business is unique and requires a tailored approach which we are happy to discuss.

We also provide free worksite assessments or information seminars for businesses that are interested in improving the safety and health of their workers.

To inquire about our corporate health services, please call reception to schedule a meeting with our Corporate Health Specialist.