Frontier Reformer Pilates

At Frontier Physiotherapy, our commitment is to provide the highest quality Reformer Pilates experience. We adhere to an evidence-backed and enjoyable 45-minute reformer Pilates session, seamlessly integrating traditional reformer Pilates with physiotherapy-specific balance, coordination, and flexibility training for a fresh and functional movement approach.

When it comes to reformer pilates, we at Frontier do not believe in a universal, one size fits all approach. Our classes, delivered exclusively by qualified physiotherapists, go beyond the conventional instructor-led sessions. With a class size capped at 4 people, each participant receives constant supervision and personalized guidance from our experienced physiotherapists. This ensures a focused and tailored reformer Pilates experience.

Take advantage of the option to use your private health coverage for payment, making your journey towards improved health and fitness even more accessible at Frontier Physiotherapy.

What are the benefits?

Whether its due to poor movement patterns which have developed over time or through injury, most people have some muscles which don’t function as well as others. If these muscles are not strong enough or do not activate in the correct pattern, it can lead to compensation, instability and ultimately injury. Reformer Pilates prompts you to reevaluate your daily movements and targets your weaker areas which may not be targeted through traditional exercise. 

Clinical Exercise Pilates is not only a safe low-impact option for those recovering form injury but can also be a challenging strength and condition session based on each clients individual goals and fitness levels. Above all else, people of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to come and try what might be their new thing!

Current research supports the use of Reformer Pilates for:

— Accelerate Rehabilitation 

— Injury Prevention

—Improved Postural Control

—Maintenance of Global Fitness

—Improved Muscular and Joint Control