Our Bulk Billing

Bulk Billed EPC Consult - FREE

A 30 minute appointment for patients with a valid EPC referral from a GP.

Third Party Billing - FREE

For patients with a WorkCover Claim, NDIS Plan, CTP Claim or other – we are able to invoice directly to insurers. This means no out of pocket cost!

Bulk Billing Questions

Do you have questions about our bulk billing options and inclusions? Feel free to shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

  • We bulk bill all EPC/TCA referrals or ‘Health Plans’ from your GP.
  • There is certain Medicare criteria to determine if you meet the needs for a referral. Please consult with your physio or GP to determine if you have access to this service.
  • Speak with your GP to begin to process. You will likely then see a nurse at your GP practice to finalise the referral.