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How Physiotherapy is done? 5 Types of Physiotherapy!

With the rise of the wellness and health industry more and more people are becoming aware of their general well-being and health. This means that more and more people will invest time and money to improve the quality of their life and also their physical appearance.

In short, means physiotherapy is on the rise and you may have considered it yourself.

You also may have searched the Internet for a physio near me locations or checked some of the physio manly west offices your friends have recommended. However, you are still not sure how physiotherapy is done and how to properly prepare yourself before a visit to one of the locations on your best physio near me list.

If you’re asking what physiotherapy is, the most correct answer is a sum of the following things: using physical techniques to reduce pain, facilitate stiffness, and generally helping people recover from injury with some techniques such as exercises, advice, and manual therapy or combination with all of them.

This article explains in detail how physiotherapy is done, what are the types of physiotherapy and how to know when is the time to find a physio near me office and book an appointment.

Physio Near Me

So What Do They Do In Physiotherapy? 

Most people hesitate to visit physio manly west offices, because they are afraid of the thought of how physiotherapy is done or if even physiotherapy is the right choice for them.

The most basic answer to „What do they do in physiotherapy“ is they improve your quality of life. How do they do it?

There are somе physiotherapy techniques a physio manly west may use:

  • Massage parts of the body
  • Manipulate your joints
  • Recommend exercises for your needs
  • Stretch muscles
  • Advice about your lifestyle activities such as walking, hiking, cycling, etc.
  • Healing techniques with specially designed devices

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession and requires a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and it covers a wide range of health problems. Here are the most common issues that physio manly west specialists can help you with:

  • back and knee pain
  • sports injuries
  • arthritis
  • stroke
  • multiple sclerosis
  • chronic heart disease
  • heart attack rehab
  • joint and muscle sprains and aches
  • osteoporosis
  • obesity and weight-related issues
  • aging
  • recovery of a broken bone

A physiotherapist will start the meeting by asking you some general questions about your lifestyle, exercise, and pain points. He will ask you what do you want to get from this session and if it is your first time visiting a physiotherapist.

Next, they will assess your needs and may ask you to do a few basic movements and show medical documents from other doctors. It is an important part of the whole process for the physiotherapist to properly assess your health condition and customize the treatment according to your needs.

Last, they will start preparing your program and determine the length, type of exercises, massages, and anything else you may need. Also, he will advise on the cost, times per week and also give recommendations for activities at home, changes in diet (if needed), and lifestyle recommendations in order to get the best results.

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What Should I Do When I Visit A Physio Near Me Specialist?

The first thing to do when you decide to visit a physio near me specialist is to be honest with your physiotherapist about your pain points and issues. Talk openly about your problem or previous health issues whether they are related to your current issue or not. Tell your physiotherapist about past injuries and how much exercise you do.

A useful tip for when you visit your physio manly west would be to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers with soft soles. The explanation is that you’ll probably have to do some physical movements.

Your involvement in physiotherapy as a process is so important because that’s the path to getting customized programs designed to restore as much as possible of your  functional ability and movement. Physiotherapists are trained to help patients at all stages of life whose function and movement are impacted by some of the above-mentioned issues.

When Should I Visit A Physio Near Me Office?

As opposed to the need to engage with a physiotherapist after acquiring some health issues you could also visit a physio manly west even before something serious happens to prevent an injury in the future or to strengthen your overall health and well-being.

If you do sports then visiting a physiotherapist is a must to detect any issues or potential pain points in the future and prevent injuries.

To simplify, you can visit a physio near me office at any time.

If you decide to visit a physiotherapist, you don’t need to see a doctor before. However, it’s not a bad thing to visit your doctor to talk about options and to get a referral, but it’s not mandatory.

The only certain thing is that you will have a lot of benefits from visiting a physio near me professional.

Physiotherapy Manly West

What Are The Five Types Of Physiotherapy?

There are several main types of physiotherapy. Each of the branches differs according to the area of the body it targets and the methods used by the physiotherapist, but they all have in common in terms of benefits according to the purpose of better well-being.

What most people don’t know is that this treatment comes in different forms and all depends on the patient’s needs. With the development of science over time, the methods used in physiotherapy have advanced and have become more effective and efficient, but the main principles and pillars on which science is based remained the same for centuries.

Let’s highlight the main five types of physiotherapy:

1.   Rehabilitative Physiotherapy

This type of physiotherapy mostly comes after surgery and focuses on the recovery of patients after surgery. People who seek this type of physiotherapy have difficulties with the mobility of affected body parts. The starting point of this type of physical therapy is while the patient is still in the hospital, then it continues at home during the patient’s recovery and it finishes when the patient regains full mobility.

Rehabilitative physiotherapy is a collection of mild exercises to regain strength and reduce pain. It sometimes involves stretching of the muscles, but in any case, the patient must be careful to not overdo it because it is still a post-surgical period and the whole body muscle system is still fragile, so any strain beyond what is allowed can cause additional issues.

Because of the nature of the therapy, the patient is recommended to visit a physio near me clinic and avoid long journeys or too much stress on the body.

2.   Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatric physiotherapy focuses on older people and is a combination of specific massages, small exercises, and a set of specialist advice that helps elderly people relieve pain, restore mobility and increase physical fitness. Because the older we get, the less jumpy and mobile we become and physio manly west specialists recommend this type of physiotherapy to people after the age of 60.

This type of treatment focuses on health conditions that are common for older people, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, a disorder of balance, joint replacements and sprains, loss of motion, or certain cancers.

The benefits of geriatric physiotherapy include longer life expectancy, increased mobility which makes older people less dependent, and speedier recovery in case of an injury.

3.   Pediatric Physiotherapy

The opposite of geriatric therapy, pediatric physiotherapy includes the specified physio treatment of the youngest. It mostly focuses on infants, but it also includes toddlers, kids, and adolescents. This therapy deals with the needs of these age groups and it helps to manage the issues like developmental delay, limb deficiencies, acute injury, birth defects, muscle diseases, cerebral paralysis, head trauma, and congenital disabilities.

Pediatric physiotherapy is necessary for the proper development of children into healthy adults. It includes exercises and treatments to reduce pain, regain a range of motion, and improve motor skills in general. In addition, pediatric physiotherapists are specialized to work with this age group. That’s because this group is specified in many aspects and it requires a specially designed approach.

Usually, doctors will recommend young parents to search for a physio near me locations and do a regular check-up at least once every 6 months. This is important for the early detection of some issues and timely addressing them through pediatric physical therapy.

Physiotherapy Near Me

4.   Neurological Physiotherapy

Almost all neurological issues are chronic. There is no pill or medication as a solution to Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, or other neurological disorders and that’s why doctors more and more rely on physical treatment.

Some doctors recommend this kind of physical treatment because it isn’t intense as the other types and it requires little physical exercise with a combination of advising clients to adapt to visual, mobility, and muscle impairments for daily activities.

Physio manly west specialists recommend that patients who require neurological physiotherapy be supervised at all times and follow a set of rules to have the best results.

5.   Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Orthopedic physiotherapy deals with disorders of the spine, joints, and the repair of deformities. Consequently, orthopedic physiotherapy is a treatment focused on restoring function to the muscle-skeletal system including joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones with a combination of stretching, electrical stimulation, joint mobilization, cryotherapy, and massages. Also, this kind of physiotherapy is closely related to sports injuries.

Orthopedic physiotherapy, especially sports medicine physiotherapy is one of the most expensive types of physiotherapy out there, therefore having a bulk payment plan is a must if you engage in some type of sport or any activity that may lead to long-term treatment.

The physio manly west specialist will examine the patient and then will diagnose and manage the injury. A patient will likely be prescribed to do some exercises at home to speed up the return to normal.

Final Thoughts

There is undoubtedly a huge amount of benefits related to physiotherapy as a medical approach to some health issues. As You see above, there are several types of physical therapies and physio manly west has a lot to offer.

Now it is up to you to find the office closest to you and schedule your appointment. Remember to relax, talk about your issues and concerts and let professionals take care of your well-being.

Physio Manly West

What is Physiotherapy? How can Physiotherapy benefits you? Frontier Physio in Manly West will let you know!

First of all, who and what is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are experts in the structure and movement of the human body. They treat patients of various ages for a variety of ailments, including sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as chronic illnesses including diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, and stroke. Physiotherapists are involved in patient care evaluation, diagnosis, planning, and management.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy, or PT, is the evaluation and treatment of aberrant physical function as a result of an accident, disability, or other health issues.

What are the services that physiotherapists offer?

Physiotherapists analyse, diagnose, arrange, and manage the care of patients with musculoskeletal, cardiothoracic, and neurological issues in a variety of settings. They assist patients with chronic disease management, offer lifestyle modification and self-management advice, prescribe aids and appliances, prescribe and supervise exercises for both patients and caregivers, and provide health promotion education, occupational health assessments, and injury prevention activities, as well as provide health promotion education, occupational health assessments, and injury prevention activities.

Physiotherapists work as part of interdisciplinary teams to treat a variety of chronic diseases. They’ve been taught to create individualised treatment plans that help persons with chronic illnesses manage risk factors such as co-morbidities and physical limitations.

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When should I see a physiotherapist?

There are a wide range of triggers that may lead to a person being referred or choosing to see a physiotherapist. This includes everything from sports injuries to chronic health conditions. Some typical reasons to see a physiotherapist include:

  • Cancer, palliative care and lymphoedema
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stroke and other neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis
  • Musculoskeletal and sports injuries
  • Occupational health
  • Sports injuries and prevention
  • Pain management
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity

You can find more information regarding Physiotherapy by visiting Allied Health Professions Australia. Or speak to our physiotherapist at Manly West today!

Physiotherapy Mainly West

Benefits of Physiotherapy?

In short, Physiotherapy may provide the following benefits, depending on the cause for treatment:

  • The use of painkillers is minimised, and surgery is avoided.
  • better movement and mobility
  • after an injury or a traumatic event
  • Fall prevention after a stroke or paralysis
  • Age-related medical issues are better managed with a better balance.

Physiotherapy at Manly West

You can see the other 5 benefits of Physiotherapy visiting this article which is written by Frontier Physio at Manly West.

A physical therapist assists patients in all stages of recovery, from the initial diagnosis through the restorative and preventative stages. Physiotherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies.

A doctor may send a patient to physiotherapy, while others seek treatment on their own.


Manly West Physiotherapy

5 Benefits of Physiotherapy! Visit us at Manly West! Physiotherapy have more benefits than you think!

Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment for multiple diseases, disorders, and injuries. Physiotherapy aids in the restoration of mobility, function, and movement of the affected body parts. Physiotherapy employs medically proven physical procedures and profound knowledge of how the human body works. No matter you are an office worker struggling with posture or chronic pain, a mother recovering from pregnancy, or an active sportsperson, experiencing pain in any form can seriously disrupt your everyday life.

These kinds of pain prevents us from enjoying the activities we love, completing work. It does not only affects our physical health, but also affects our mental wellbeing too. From those niggling pains to more serious injuries, seeing a physiotherapist from Frontier Physiotherapy can provide relief and prevent ongoing complications.

Physiotherapy at Manly West

At Frontier Physiotherapy, our professional qualified and experienced physiotherapists provide personalised treatment plans that can benefit you in many ways. Following are some benefits of seeing a physiotherapist.

1. Physiotherapy can Improve Posture

Physiotherapists at Frontier Physiotherapy can aid you in identifying and correcting your postural issues. Physiotherapy allows patients to be more conscious of their body postures while functioning, rather than only treating chronic pain as a short-term remedy. At Frontier Physiotherapy, we help patients with posture issues improve their body alignment by modifying their work settings or utilising assistive equipment.

2. Physiotherapy can Prevent Injuries

While an injury can occur as a consequence of a fall or an accident, it can also occur over time. A physio can help you discover harmful habits, measure your movements, and build a strength and coordination programme to keep you injury-free, no matter what sports or activities you participate in in your daily life. Protecting oneself against possible injuries is the best method to deal with injury-related discomfort. Physical treatment improves bone and muscular strength, which lowers the risk of injury. No matter what muscular strength or fitness level you have, you can benefit from good physical techniques whether working or exercising.

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3. Physiotherapy can Manage your Pain

Exercise programmes and electric therapeutic procedures such as TENS, IFT, and ultrasound are used in physiotherapy to relieve pain. Soft Tissue Mobilization is also an excellent treatment for restoring normal bodily function and reducing pain caused by illnesses such as muscular sprains, tendinitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Physiotherapists also assist patients with such illnesses in reducing pain through practical therapeutic exercises and a well-defined action plan. Some common symptoms that can be treated with physiotherapy are listed below.

• Headaches

• Neck pain

• Muscle and joint discomfort

• Chest and rib pain

• Tightness and immobility

• Back pain

Seeing a physiotherapist is a fantastic first step whether your pain has been plaguing you for years or is new. At Frontier Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists will first do an examination to better understand your pain, after which he or she will utilise a variety of physical therapies to assist improve performance and decrease pain as much as feasible.

4. Physiotherapy can assist in Sports Injuries

ACL tears, golfers elbow, hamstring tears, and other sports-related injuries are among problems that physiotherapists are familiar with. Professional physiotherapists create individualised treatment programmes to assess and treat the symptomatic issues that arise as a result of such injuries. Sports players can utilise physical therapy to strengthen body muscles, increase blood circulation, and improve mobility in response to a sports injury.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

5. Physiotherapy can Improve Women’s Health

By exercising physiology, women’s health can be greatly improved. A pelvic floor health exam, treatment for incontinence, treatment for abdominal separation, individualised antenatal or postnatal activity programmes, and pain relief for endometriosis are some of the benefits you may receive from your Women’s Health physiotherapy.

Physical therapy can also assist in a healthy and stress-free pregnancy. Physiotherapists are aware that the fundamental changes the body undergoes during pregnancy can have a substantial impact on a mother’s overall health and well-being. Pelvic floor pain, bowel incontinence, fibromyalgia, and other problems associated with postpartum care can all be treated with physiotherapy.

Manly West Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who treat people with a wide range of physical problems, including injury, injury prevention, ageing, disease, surgical rehabilitation, and more. In the end, a physiotherapist’s aim is to make you feel better so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Do you know you can be Bulk Billed for Physiotherapy? Physiotherapy services can be covered by Medicare.

In our last article we discuss about the benefits of Physiotherapy. The quality and speed of your post-injury rehabilitation can be dramatically improved with appropriate physiotherapy treatment. Your health insurance plan, on the other hand, may not cover the price (partial or total) of the necessary physiotherapy sessions.  Above and Beyond Physiotherapy offers bulk-billed therapy services to qualified patients.

Frontier Physiotherapy in Manly West makes physiotherapy available and inexpensive to a wide range of people who might otherwise be unable to afford it.

Bulk Billing Medicare

What Is Bulk Billed Physiotherapy and How Does It Work?

In addition to their present health insurance coverage, all qualified patients with chronic illnesses or terminal conditions can get 5 Medicare-funded health sessions every calendar year. Patients can use these five sessions to access a variety of health treatments, or they can combine them to access physiotherapy services.

Medicare funds the bulk-billed physiotherapy services. By automating payment processing, Above and Beyond Physiotherapy has made it absolutely painless. You will never have to pay out of pocket for any of your bulk billed sessions since Medicare will cover them.

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Who is eligible to claim for Medicare?

To be eligible to claim Medicare benefits for most healthcare treatments, you must first enrol in Medicare. If you’re in the following categories, you’re eligible to join Medicare Australia:

• An Australian citizen
• An Australian permanent resident
• Applying for permanent residency in Australia
• A New Zealand citizen
• A temporary resident covered by a ministerial order

You are also eligible to enrol in Medicare Australia if you are a citizen or resident of:
• Cocos (Keeling) Island
• Norfolk Island
• Christmas Island
• Lord Howe Island

Additionally, if you are visiting Australia from a nation that has a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement, you can enrol in Medicare and obtain coverage.

Assessment and Reporting in the Context of Bulk Billed Physiotherapy.

Because the Australian government subsidises the treatment, Above and Beyond Physiotherapy is required to review and share reports on your progress with the appropriate authorities on a regular basis.

Physiotherapy Bulk Billing

How to Get a Physiotherapy Benefit from Medicare

In terms of protocol, claiming a Medicare benefit for your physiotherapy treatment varies from clinic to clinic.
When you claim a Medicare reimbursement for physiotherapy, there are a few things to double-check before you go to your visit.


To begin, you must have a chronic condition that has been present for at least six months or is likely to be present for at least six months in order to obtain Medicare physiotherapy benefits. So, the first step is to confirm that you do actually have a chronic illness.


The next step is to certify that your condition is complicated. You must also be under the care of at least two other healthcare practitioners to be eligible for Medicare benefits to support your physiotherapy.

Your GP will need to approve your eligibility with the relevant documents under the CDM for both of these requirements.

Limitations on Appointments

The number of Allied Health appointments you can have in a 12-month period is also limited by Medicare. You have five consultations each calendar year, which you can split among providers.

You could utilise all five of your consultations to see a physiotherapist, or you could split them up between three physiotherapy consultations, one dietician consultation, and one podiatrist consultation. If you want your physiotherapy appointment to be covered by Medicare, this is something else to think about before you go.

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