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Often, small aches and niggles that are not treated in their earlier phase can cause deterioration of the health condition later. When it comes to our workforce it also entails big expensive claims and lost productivity. Injuries not only have a huge financial impact on the working organization, but they also negatively affect the injured worker. All kinds of injuries, especially those that require a longer degree of treatment, significantly impact the mental state of the worker and his self-confidence.


Considering all these aspects and the increasing number of injuries occurring in the workplace, the management of larger companies was forced to do something to protect their workforce. In that direction, onsite physiotherapy ran to help. The crucial role of onsite physio is to improve the working conditions and give a significant contribution towards decreasing the number of worker injuries. Thus, it has become an inevitable part of every successful company, where the top priority is protecting the worker’s health.

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Onsite physiotherapy plays an important role in managing musculoskeletal health among workers. Its task is to show the workers how to perform the work tasks correctly, scan the working environment, and recommend to the management measures to improve it, if it deems necessary. In the event of injury, he is the first to come for help.


Why do I need onsite physio at my workspace?


Incorrect healing treatment of an injury may seem less important, but often it can cause serious worsening of the situation. That’s why it is crucial to provide the appropriate and timely help. Lack of prevention leads to unwanted body disorders.


Quick access to specialized health institutions is the biggest problem in effectively managing workers’ health when an injury happens. Initial symptoms slowly bring serious disorders, increased absences from work, and reduced productivity.


All of the above is a strong reason why you need onsite physio at your workspace. The factory floor was always a convenient place for injuries among the workers. Managing various dangerous machines requires a high degree of vigilance. Hence, quality education about the correct and safe performance of work tasks, especially for jobs that entail an increased risk of injuries. And not only managing the machines but also jobs that involve working at height, in noise, underwater, work in warehouses that require heavy lifting, etc. should be an alarm for the employer to include onsite physio instructors in the working process. Most injuries are avoidable and preventable.


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Onsite physio services encourage workers to ask for professional advice about injuries and give them a chance for early access to appropriate advice. Onsite physio therapists are always open to cooperation. Whenever necessary, workers can ask for help or advice. When it comes to job duties and education on how to do them properly, the workers have someone they can rely on. Education, communication, and awareness are critical for a healthy working environment. Onsite physiotherapy doesn’t just treat the injuries, but they get to the root cause.


An onsite physio expert often visits your workplace to provide appropriate treatment and advice to the workers during their work process. They also observe the way workers perform their tasks. It allows for the provision of informed treatment and advice about injury prevention and recovery. If an injury occurs, the onsite physiotherapist approaches the injured worker and stops the worker from leaving the work site for external treatment. An onsite physio service strongly enhances the communication between the workers and the management by providing regular updates on the progress of the worker’s recovery.


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In addition to advisory services, the onsite physio therapist is a fully trained professional who can provide a list of treatment methods to the workforce such as peripheral and spinal manipulation and joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, core stability and balance training, dry needling, functional task training, massage, electromagnetic therapy and so on. Everything they do is measurable, transparent, and sustainable. They strive to share the learnings that they have found to create more successful working processes.


How to find onsite physio providers?


Today’s modern technology significantly facilitates our life when it comes to finding something we need. With just a few clicks we can reach the necessary search results. If you want to research onsite physio clinics nearby, just type on your browser ‘onsite physio Manly West‘ and you will get several active clinics that provide this kind of treatment. Physio Manly West area has a rich offer of highly professional onsite physio offices. Quality professional onsite physiotherapists with a high level of degree are available to be included in your working process.


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Browse the clinics online and check the services they offer. On their official pages, you will find the active physiotherapists as well as all the specifications they offer. They also offer the opportunity to get in touch by phone and email. Also, many of the clinics have official pages on Facebook, where you can follow their posts and also contact them if you need to.


What are the benefits of an onsite physio?


The general well-being of the workforce is very important for society. Those companies that take care of their workforce have more committed workers, eager to grow along with the company.


benefits of onsite physio

As we said above, onsite physiotherapy is a service specialized for the worker’s health and well-being. Slowly but surely, it has become an important part of a successful business tale. It strongly instills itself in the working process and contributes to a massive impact on corporate productivity. Including an onsite physio clinic as an integral part of the business brings several benefits you should know about. We will share some of them:


  • Workers are covered with timely assessment and treatment of an injury by a professional onsite physio
  • Onsite physiotherapists proactively operate in your working space and provide job education and training to the workers. The instructions include correct manual handling techniques to prevent injuries.
  • Onsite physiotherapy service serves as an intervention by allowing workers to be treated for niggles or pains before they grow into more serious problems.
  • When an injury occurs, the worker is treated effectively, reducing costs and loss of productivity associated with employees leaving the workplace.
  • The quick and timely approach to dealing with the injury reduces the overall cost of your worker’s compensation claims and insurance premiums.
  • An onsite physiotherapist can give an approximate estimation of the length of the injured worker’s absence from work. This type of information can be so crucial for the employer, especially if the worker is an important part of the production chain.


What Is Physiotherapy?


Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that deals with improving working conditions and products, reducing the risk of injuries, reducing the risk of work-related diseases, and promoting healthy attitudes toward the living and working environment.


Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for an increased morbidity rate among the workforce and are known to be an important work-related problem, leading to increased health costs, reduced productivity, and lower quality of life.


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It is very important to educate the workforce on time about all the dangers that their work contains, as well as to enable them to work with devices that help prevent the occurrence of diseases. Every worker needs to be warned about the risks they are exposed to everyday.


The main task of ergonomics is the interaction of the composition man-machine – environment, by adapting the work to the man, instead of adapting the man to the work. That composition must meet certain conditions:


  1.  The size of the workspace corresponds to the number of people performing the tasks,
  2. Work without unnecessary fatigue,
  3. An appropriate arrangement of working elements,
  4. Appropriate body position,
  5. The economy of movement,
  6. The rhythm of the work is light and natural,
  7. Appropriate lighting,
  8. Appropriate physical condition,
  9. Construction of tools and machines (devices) adapted to safe operation.


Education, awareness-raising, and training programs on prevention and coping strategies for work-related musculoskeletal disorders are required for everyone participating in the work process.




Rest periods are also very important in static work. Fatigue is a state and feeling of sluggishness with a reduced ability to perform work. It also causes reluctance, lassitude, lower attention and ability to think, and lower work performance. Work stress occurs when the balance between the demands of the environment and one’s capabilities is disturbed and leads to a bad emotional state and mood.


As a rule, health problems arise if the mechanical load is greater than the capacity that the components of the locomotor system can handle. Muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone injuries (strains, ruptures, fractures, imperceptible microfractures, degenerative changes) are typical injuries. Often there is irritation at the point where muscles and tendons are attached, as well as functional restrictions and early degeneration of bones and cartilage.


Make a research about which onsite physio Manly West clinics provide ergonomic physiotherapy. If you find a good one that suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact them.


Final Thoughts


If you want to have a satisfied workforce, some of the onsite physio Manly West professionals should be included in your working process. The higher degree of risk that job entails, the greater need to hire a proven onsite physiotherapist in the business.


Every company that invests in a healthy workforce invests in better and more successful productivity. Hire an affordable onsite physio professional from one of the physio Manly West clinics and reduce any potential risks of injuries among the workers. It will help you to stand out from the competition and write a successful business story.

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