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Physical medicine is a field of medicine that deals with the study and application of various forms of physical energy for prevention, diagnosis, therapy, metal flex, and medical rehabilitation. This field of medicine received full recognition when the great importance of physical therapy in the complex process of rehabilitation of the sick and injured was confirmed.


Thanks to the progress and development of technology, especially electronics, physical therapy has experienced a great expansion. Physical therapy is also used during postoperative recovery. It can be used as the only means of treatment or in combination with other methods.


Physical therapy is a method of treatment that is used for problems that limit movement, movement and make it difficult for the quality of life and the performance of daily tasks and activities. By using it, we relieve pain and improve the functioning of the locomotor apparatus.


Onsite Physio


After the examination, an individual program is formed suitable for the patient’s needs. The goal, as mentioned, is to reduce pain and restore functioning as much as possible. The goal is also to improve joint mobility and restore muscle flexibility as well as strength, endurance, coordination, and balance.


In most cases, physical therapy involves some form of exercise. It can be stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, exercises with light loads, walking, and the like. Additionally, the physiotherapist can create a simple program for the patient to follow at home.

What Is So Different About Onsite Physio Wynnum?


Onsite physio Wynnum focuses on giving education to the workers in the proper and safe performance of their work duties. It acts preventively to prevent any possible health issues related to the work. Despite the educational aspect of its work, onsite physio Wynnum health institutions help injured workers in returning to work as soon as possible.


Onsite physio therapists in the physio Wynnum area also provide treatment based on each worker’s physical conditions, actual work duties, and working space. They are capable of observing the working environment where the injury occurred, on the proper way to approach treatment more efficiently. They also give some education to prevent being re-injured in the future. Onsite physios work on the retraining of the employee and his return to work begins immediately after the injury occurs and continues until the full rehabilitation of the employee.


Onsite Physiotherapy


Onsite physio Wynnum clinics are operable every day around the Manly West area. They work with their clients to establish appropriate programs that achieve amazing results for them. The treatment they provide is a must for every successful business in Manly West. Allow the care of the workers to be taken over by those who are experts in it.


Onsite physio Wynnum clinics stand out from the other health clinics all across the Manly West area. They distinguish themselves with professionalism, dedication, and expertise. Their sole mission in operation is dedicated to the health of the worker.


Onsite physio Wynnum offices offer a smarter approach than other clinics about educating the workers on their safely performing of the work duties. The Manly West area can be proud of the most modern health institutions that provide onsite physio treatment.


Physio Manly West


They send an experienced onsite physio therapist who specializes in work-related injuries. He constantly monitors your workspace, scans the performance of the duties, gives suggestions on improving the working conditions, gives advice to the workers about properly manufacturing machines, and many other things he considers necessary. Your onsite physio therapist is at your disposal in any exceptional situations on-demand, whenever you need.


One more thing characteristic of onsite physio Wynnum clinics is that the worker doesn’t waste time traveling from one clinic to another. Instead, their physiotherapist treats the injured worker right in his workspace. Then the onsite physio therapist leaves and the worker gets right back to the working process.


Rehabilitation at work can save a huge amount of money for your business. It reduces expensive travel time, minimizes productivity losses, and returns the worker to work after the treatment. Onsite physio Wynnum sessions at your workplace are the initial step to a return-to-work program. That way you avoid paying worker’s compensation costs right then and there. Considering that onsite physio Wynnum therapy is focused on specific job functions, your workers will be able to do their job more productively in the future.

Why Does Onsite Physio Make The Workers Happier?


Scientific researchers say that the safety of the workers is closely related to their productivity and commitment at the work. Knowing the fact that they have someone on whom they can rely, increases their self-confidence.




Every manager who appreciates his workers is always ready to do something to make them happy. All dangers that are present at the workplace impose the need to recruit a physiotherapist who will be dedicated to the workers, onsite. He will be able to offer measures to make better working conditions and educate about the proper performing of work duties.


Onsite physio Wynnum’s injury management is tailored to understand the degrees of differentiation in injuries related to the workplace. There are numerous programs, specially adapted to certain workers, all focused on efficient injury management. All of the programs deal with several factors that improve the efficiency of each one.




All benefits that onsite physio brings make the workforce happier and more dedicated to the job. Many successful managers across the world testify that the productivity of their business is related to the psychological condition of the workers. If your worker is happy, he is strongly focused to perform the assigned tasks more successfully. Otherwise, if you don’t invest enough in his happiness, the productivity of the business will mostly be under a question mark.


A proper onsite physio treatment makes your workers more satisfied, and happier in the long run. Look at the benefits that come along with this type of physiotherapy and find out why you need it for your business.


  • There is less absenteeism from work because the onsite physio therapy is done directly at the workplace.
  • Easy accessibility to the onsite physio therapist allows workers to report any possible symptoms in the earliest phase. In that way they get timely and rapid advisory service, well before symptoms develop into an injury.
  • Onsite physio therapists know the operations, processes, position, and potential risks of injuries as a crucial part of the rehab process and future prevention of injuries. That allows the onsite physio to suggest education and advice to the worker on the safe performance of the work tasks.
  • Monitoring the injured employee in the workplace helps to identify the causal factors.
  • Communication between the onsite physio, the employer, and the worker is encouraged.
  • The worker feels supported because the onsite physio gives a significant boost in well-being and morale within the working environment.


What Programs Are Available?


Onsite physio Wynnum therapists are focused on improving the work conditions, primarily through education, and if necessary by direct approach through various techniques, such as massage, joint replacement, immobilization, and so on. They are highly educated about the functioning of the musculoskeletal human system, as well.


Onsite Physio Benefits


Onsite physio Wynnum clinics offer various services, tailored according to what your company needs. Every working organization is special and specific in itself, so accordingly the onsite physio service is adjusted to the conditions. In the continuation of the text, see which programs are offered by onsite physio Wynnum clinics.

–       Acute Injury Management Program


The clinics apply an injury management approach that is based on evidence. The interventions include soft tissue techniques, manipulative techniques, stretching and stability exercises, mobilization, exercises, rehabilitation prescriptions, and advanced development of self-management strategies.


This program aims to strengthen the fitness levels of workers during the post-injury period, using a physical approach. Its primary objective is to help workers advance their physical condition after the injury. In that way, they will be more resistant to potential injuries in the future.

–       Medical Upgrade Program


Onsite physio Wynnum clinics offer this program to enhance the worker’s fitness level. Throughout the medical upgrade program, workers achieve a top level not only in their physical condition but in their mental condition, as well. The onsite physio therapists cooperate, so their coordinated multidisciplinary is only focused to improve the worker’s fitness level.


This program is also used to help workers in getting medical certificate upgrades because of psychosocial and other workplace obstacles. The onsite physio specialists allow the workers to get their medical certificate by accomplishing the following objectives: improving fitness levels, initiating a job placement, changing the negative perception and beliefs related to the job role, finishing inactive treatment, training, and normal functioning after a period of dependence on equipment or aides.


Manly West Physio


–       Return To Work Program


Оnsite physiotherapists strive to understand the causes of the injury. Through this program, they educate their workers on how to prevent re-injuring after their return to work duties. They observe the injured worker’s return to work progress and actively assist them in the process.


A work conditioning program is unique and specially adapted to the worker himself. Sessions are usually an hour long and are oriented on physical work functions so the workers will be able to return to the work process as soon as possible.


Just because of the comprehensive approach to the injured worker’s treatment, the onsite physio Wynnum services usually include some “hardening” components as part of their usual conditioning process.


Return to work program is important not only for quicker and safer workers’ return to work but in the financial aspect for the employer, too. Using the program he dedicates the worker’s rehabilitation process to onsite physio specialists, thus reducing potential costs in insurance claims.


Final Thoughts


The onsite physio Wynnum’s excellence in each solution allows for improving productivity in corporate capacities and reducing workplace injuries as they’re a heavy financial and administrative burden. All skills they master, professionalism, and experience through multidisciplinary solutions help them provide a comprehensive service that is second to none in and around Manly West.

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