7 Things You Never Knew About Workcover Physio

Physiotherapy treats limitations in the body’s ability to move and function and although a very modern term it is widely used and recommended by physicians. It is a useful addition to our overall health and sometimes an alternative to surgery or medication. It includes physiotherapy exercises, physical measures, massages, and manual lymphatic drainage.


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Physiotherapy can be carried out on an inpatient basis (in a hospital, rehabilitation centre, etc.) or an outpatient basis (in a physiotherapy practice). There is also mobile physiotherapy where the physiotherapist comes to the patient. Mobile physiotherapy is also useful for patients whose illness or physical limitations make it difficult or even impossible to visit a practice.


Now that you understand the basics of physiotherapy let’s see what WorkCover physio is and how you can benefit from it.

What is WorkCover physio?


WorkCover physio compensation policy is compulsory for most physio Manly West businesses and protects them from additional financial costs that are usually borne by the employer when a worker sustains an illness or a work-related injury. WorkCover physio service ensures workers who were injured at the workplace are compensated for medical costs, lost earnings, and any additional costs related to the injury. It is imposed as a party in the triangle between the employee and the employer, only in those cases where the unwanted consequence occurs.


Physio Manly West clinics that provide WorkCover physio treatment are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and approved by them to provide treatment to the worker concerned and facilitate effective and safe recovery. They own a special certificate issued by AHPPA, named SIRA practitioner number to deliver WorkCover physio services to the worker’s compensation scheme.


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WorkCover physio operates as a primary regulator for safety and health at work when it comes to issues related to physiotherapy. 


It’s worth knowing that WorkCover physio covers only workers in Australia, whenever they get injured within the country. The only mission is to support and help any injured workers (fractures, industrial deafness, stretches, lacerations, sprains, or burns).


Still not convinced that you need WorkCover physio? In the continuation of the text, we will present several facts about the service you probably never knew.

1. WorkCover physio is a link between physiotherapy and your job


Physiotherapy can have a positive impact on our lives if we understand the advantages it has. Especially for the workforce exposed to heavy physical work and health risks. But, not only that type of workforce has to be concerned. Lately, sitting working positions have been exposed to various musculoskeletal problems.


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The very first thing when the injury occurs is not to panic. When it happens, your employer or a person specially assigned for it will complete an incident record with details about the injury and will report it to the WorkCover physio centre. In that way, you will be ensured that you are eligible for any rehabilitation services, included in the compensation scheme.


As a result of a high degree of injuries at the workplace, which consequently entails a financial cost in terms of rehabilitation for both employee and employer,


2. How to use WorkCover physio when you get injured?


The WorkCover physio treatment is a crucial part of the recovery process. The most important thing is that you get healthcare services quickly and get back to work as soon as possible. But first, rule number one is to get an early intervention to prevent the injury from worsening or having a lasting effect in the future.


When you get injured you may need to take some days off from work. First, you need to submit a Worker’s Injury Claim Form to your employer. The claim form can be found on the Workcover website. 


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Then, you will need a Certificate of Capacity. This explains which activities you can complete at the workplace, and which ones you should avoid at this stage. Therefore, you may need to go to your GP and ask him for your first Certificate.  


Your physio Manly West therapist will complete all certificates you may need while treatment is ongoing. In some cases, your physio Manly West therapist can provide the initial Certificate of Capacity if no time off work is required, but your GP will have to complete the certification. The other certificate of capacity, in duration up to 28 days, can be provided by the physio Manly West therapist.


3. Three basic phases in every WorkCover physio treatment


Here is what the injured worker can expect from a WorkCover physio process:


  • First, the physio Manly West practitioner will make a thorough interview to determine the needs of the injured worker
  • Next, he will do a physical examination from which he will be able to create a recovery plan and also will give a full explanation of the injury
  • Finally, the physio Manly West therapist will make a treatment focused on achieving the best outcomes and quickly returning to the working process and normal life




During the recovery process, your physio Manly West specialist will be in constant communication with all concerned parties, like the General practitioner, employer, and insurance company to get the job done efficiently. 


4. Physio Manly West area has the best WorkCover physio policies for both employers and employees


Physio Manly West precinct can boast highly professional clinics that provide WorkCover physio services.  Well-educated and friendly staff employed in the clinics are always at the disposal of the concerned worker, whenever he needs it.  


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It’s on you to do brief research and find out which physio Manly West clinics provide WorkCover physio services. It will help you to be prepared when an unwanted situation comes. You can also research on your mobile and find out the physio Manly West clinics near you, according to your current location. 


5. WorkCover physio recognizes only work-related injuries, not beyond them.


Workcover physio’s purpose is to assist in a recovery process for everyone who gets injured during the working process or sustains an occupational disease caused by a workplace incident. The WorkCover physio is tailored to help the worker and make the rehabilitation period as efficient as possible.


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It’s worth knowing that the policy covers only injuries that occurred during working hours, not beyond that. For example, if you hurt your back by lifting a metal sheet at work, then the Workcover physio service will be applicable in your case, but if you get injured in a traffic accident after work, you cannot use  Workcover physio benefits and can’t refer to it.


The whole recovery process, from the injury, until full recovery and return to work, has to be supportive and collaborative between both the employee and the employer, alongside the WorkCover physio office. If the concerned parties abide by the rule, a successful recovery will be obvious.

6. There are four different ways of creating your WorkCover physio claim.


You can choose the type of submitting your Workcover physio Manly West claim. Four options are at your disposal, so it’s on you to choose the most suitable one for you:


  • Make it directly at the physio Manly West clinic
  • Make it online, as we described in the previous article
  • Make it through email (check the correct email from your physio Manly West clinic)
  • Make it at one of the service centers, located in the physio Manly West area (use the following link to learn the exact locations) 


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Final Thoughts


We hope that we succeed in clarifying what WorkCover physio is. These seven things will serve as a guideline of how WorkCover physio works and all the basic features that shape it.


Now it’s your turn to do research and find out which physio Manly West offices provide WorkCover physio service to the clients.

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